Work we do/How we do it

Recent Highlights 2020-2022

Many thanks to Grandma Betty, R Magdalena Escobedo-Steele, Natalie & Rocky Zapata & Students, Rosesharon Oats, Aida Lizalde, Adelita Serena, Laura Cook.

Together with the support of so many including The MacBethProject, BBmoves, Curated Concepts, and Charcoal Foot Traveler. Chiokoe.

Dedicated to support, performance, research and practice by women, queer of color, and transGender artists

Our focus is set on supporting cultura & via artists who uplift and honor their communities through regenerative, visionary, and experimental practices. We are movement organizers and artists working towards liberation for all from oppressive structures and power over people. We are dedicated to working together to thrive.

Work we do:

support artists in schools,support open ended artists’ research,

support artists engaged in work relating to the earth,

support and create performance by womxn, queer of color, and trans artists,

Support artists organizing in vulnerable communities,

Support improvisers,

Support communities in crisis,

Support artists who mother,

Support artists who care-take,

Support the creation and performance of new work,

Support artists and community well-being,

How we do it

build relationships through music, conversation, walking, presence and food preparation,

talk about our gardens, or imagined gardens

spend time with community elders,

make sure children and communities have access to art materials and the invitation to create,

invite queer and of color artists to curate, offer artist stipends,

create opportunities for artists to perform, curate, exchange, and collaborate together,

identify artists working together to build spaces for adventurous work,

identify and create agency and artist sovereignty,

identify artist collectives taking care of each-other

reach out,

identify community members who are open, work with them,

offer financial support,

research and write grants,

create residencies,

create opportunities for artists to connect to land and communities,

support relationships with small urban and rural farms to create cultural happenings on the land,

bring elders, bring youth to happenings,

spend time together,

create artist retreats,

create space together,

share tools,

fix tools,


go for it,

we offer a question, “How can we support you?”

contribute to world-wide dreaming

Lettering by IcnoCalliPrint

” divide by the deaths you had to metabolize yesterday. divide by the shot echoes in your dreams. divide by the sleep you didn’t get thinking you had to hustle harder. divide by the water you didn’t drink either.

multiply by every pore touched, every memory made skin again, every word of love and the lips that share them. multiply by the sound of the children. the sound that never stops. exponent of the will of the ancestors which will be dreamt. but not slept through.

all things are not equal.

wake up. “

M Archive After The End Of the World by Alexis Pauline Gumbs with a footnote of elemental impact given to The Color of Memory by Anjail Ahmad