Lisa E Harris (voice, movement) , Biggi Vinkeloe (saxophone), Zachary James Watkins (electric guitar) Amy Melissa Reed (hydrophone, guitar, voice) at Marin Headlands Nov 14 2018 camp fire “Healing to to the land through being on the land” Ione
Amy Melissa Reed (guitar, voice), Andrea Yaya Porras (Dance, voice) image by Charles Smith  #maseriesarts  @Gold Lion Arts Nov 10
Biggi Vinkeloe (Saxophone), Gabby Fluke-Mogul (Violin), Tom Bickley (Electric Wind Instrument) Ione (Voice, Sounds Telematic performance) Lisa Harris (Theremin, Voice) Uptown Oakland Active Music Series 11/13/18 Fire Meditations #maseriesarts

Amy Melissa Reed – Guitar Metal, Stone, Hydrophone, bucket of leaves, Lisa Harris – Theremin, voice, text scores, Biggi Vinkeloe Saxophone & flute Oakland, CA 11/13/18

Liza Garza – Voice, Eli Lakes – Guitar, voice, Dominic Garcia – percussion 
Susan Alcorn MA Series

“Healing to the land through being on the land” Ione

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