November 5-21 2021

By Lydia.R. Diamond

November 5-21 2021

Live Theatre Production at Celebration Arts

Sacramento CA.

Directed by J. Andrea Porras / yAyA Asst. Director L. Montez Madkins

“Smart People” by Lydia Diamond – It is the eve of Obama’s first election. Four of Harvard University’s brightest; a surgeon, an actress, a psychologist, and a neuro-psychiatrist, are all interested in different aspects of the brain, particularly how it responds to race. But like all smart people, they are also searching for love, success, and identity in their own lives. Lydia Diamond brings these characters together in this sharp, witty play about social and sexual politics.


King Lear Live on stage Oct 15, 8:00 PM PDT – Nov 14, 9:00 PM PST

Adapted and Directed by Khimberly Marshall



Chautauqua Playhouse tix here

Carmichael, 5325 Engle Rd # 110, Carmichael, CA 95608, USA

“Nothing will come of nothing, speak again.” —King Lear King Lear divides his kingdom among his three daughters — Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. The kingdom and family soon collapse into chaos and warfare as Lear goes mad and tragedy strikes.

GOS Gerald Otis Simpson

Big Bold Bright

Oct 16th – Dec 19th 2021 Mon – Sun 7am – 1pm

Classy Hippie Tea Co. 3200 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95817

Opening Reception: Nov 6 10 am – 1pm

Closing Reception: December 19th 10 am-1 pm

Curated by J. Andrea Porras @movimientoyaya