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J. Andrea Porras / yAyA is a Queer, Two -Spirit, Coahuiltecan descendant ~ ChicanIndia, madre, cultura cura curator/producer, intersectional artist/ practitioner; with over 25 years’ experience in performance, organizing, facilitation, grant making, grant reviewing, philanthropy, and mentoring. (Please see full Bio on the Co-pilots page)

Posted: Sep. 28th 2021 Treasured Theatre Celebration Arts,

Smart People

By Playwright Lydia R. Diamond

Production Dates November 5- 21 2021

Live Theatre  Sacramento CA.

Directed by J. Andrea Porras / yAyA

Asst. Director L. Montez Madkins

Play Summary: 

It is the eve of Obama’s first election. Four of Harvard University’s brightest; a surgeon, an actress, a psychologist, and a neuro-psychiatrist, are all interested in different aspects of the brain, particularly how it responds to race. But like all smart people, they are also searching for love, success, and identity in their own lives. Lydia Diamond brings these characters together in this sharp, witty play about social and sexual politics.

J. Andrea Porras current projects:

Third year Fellow Intercultural Leadership Institute  ILI

Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations Honoree: CALIFA : RE-SToring the Source Dancing Earth Creations

Special Movimiento Molcajete 97/21 community performance-offering with Nicole C. Limon / November 19th, 2021  Brava Theatre for Women, Mission District; occupied Ramaytush Ohlone land/San Francisco

Directing/ Co-producing “Smart People” as Guest Director at  Celebration Arts 

Classy Broadway Curatorial Residency Curator , Oak Park Classy Hippie Tea Co.

September- October 10, 2021: Rosesharon Oates

October 16-December 19, 2021 Gerald O. Simpson GOS

In Production: 

They co-executive produce podcast  #INDIGenousU #INDIGenousME with Patricia A. Pena, MSW, enrolled member of the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas and a first generation Mexican American.

By request yAyA photo/documents community, ceremony and cultural action with loving care. 

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