Artist in their community

Biggi Vinkeloe and Amy Reed at Delta High Clarksburg, CA

Art in Schools select images

Our Director Jennifer Andrea “YAYA” Porras is a producer, mother of JAH’Sol, artist, and cultura-cura ninja. Their early Californian community teaching took root at the Washington Neighborhood Center via José Montoya’s Barrio Art program in Sacramento and later as an Artist in resident. Alongside mentor, Dr. Senon Valadez, cultural anthropologist at CSUS, they taught song and dance at Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl University in Yolo County to ex-campesinas women in the child-care Development program who would graduate to run Child Care centers in Migrant Camps/ Housing . They worked with the American Indian Film Institute Youth Film Maker Tour and Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. In addition, they worked along Patricia Peña, founder of On Native Ground and Sun Dance Youth Media Brigade. Andrea co-founded World Arts Space funded by the Sacramento Arts Commission in Oak Park, California. Andrea is a grant maker for the California Arts Council.

Our board has many years in service, consultation, and education in our communities – please see their bios.

Ma Series Arts is an artist run and organized platform for support and performance. Ma Series arts and their programs are recognized as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

What you have been doing and your plans for the Ma series [Arts] are important, and necessary, not only for culture, or for us as women artists (though these are important), but for everyone’s communities urban and rural, and for life itself which is dependent on these creative energies .

Susan Alcorn – Pedal Steel Guitarist, Musician, Composer